Sunday, October 20, 2013

History of headphones

History of Headphones

Headphones have changed a lot over the years. One hundred years ago they were just single earpiece that was held tight against one ear and was the only way to listen to transmitted sound.

This was before the great invention of the amplifier. Headphones were used in radio stations and not for sale to the public.

Things have changed and there is just about no one out there that has not heard of headphones. They have increased in popularity along with mobile phones, MP3 players and Ipods.

The most popular used wires to connect the headpiece to the equipment and then did not let the consumer move around with a limited range. Meaning that you could only go as far as the wire would reach.

The invention of the wireless headphones was a great way for people to do what they need to do while listening to what they wanted.

The Blue tooth invention has also given the consumer great freedom. The headset hooks on to the sound by being transmitted from up to ten meters away.

Most people carry the transmitter, known as a mobile phone with radio or MP3 player; the distance is not a real problem.

Think about being able to move around and do what you want in your house or office plus listening to your favorite music without interrupting others.

The best part about the headsets of today is that you will get great sound. You will not have outside noise bothering you at all.

You are in a great world of technology because you can listen to music while running or just sitting around your bedroom.



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