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History of olmec civilisation

History of Olmec Civilisation

Who were these mysterious people who first colonised Mexico and worshiped Jaguars and began cocao cultivation? They built pyramids, were keen mathematicians and influenced succeeding civilisations up the spanish Conquest.

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A History of Olmec Civilization.
The first relatively modern awakening to the existance of the Olmecs
was when plantation workers in 1862 came upon hat they thought was a large, buried, iron kettle. Upon further excavation, and driven by thoughts of buried treasure, they finally excavated a huge stone carved head, which turned out to be the first Olmec sculpture to be discovered in Mexico.

Who were the Olmecs? What is known about them is that they preceded the Mayans in Mesoamaerica, and are thought to be the foundation of all subsequent cultures in that part of the Americas, though there is evidence of humans going back to 20,000 B.C. There will always be differing opinions when it comes to dates, but the Olmes are believed to have originated in around 1250 B.C. and disappeared around 400 B.C. A common feature with theirs and later civilisations were that they:-

Followed a 365 day year.
Built pyraminds.
Cultivated corn.
All had similar religious rituals and the same Gods of fertility, w


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